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Gait Analysis

What is gait analysis?

Gait analysis is a system where we analyse the motion of your feet to make sure you get the correct footwear. This will involve using a video camera & treadmill and/or having a staff member observe and analyse your running style. The process takes around 30 minutes to complete.  

How much is gait analysis and do I need to book?

The service is free and no appointment is needed, however, we strive to provide ground breaking customer service at all times, therefore we ask customers to be patient if using the store at the weekend and lunch time periods.

What should I wear for a gait analysis?

Suitable running clothing should be worn. Shorts are preferable so that we are able to see the back of your knees. Female customers are also advised to wear a sports bra. It also helps us if you can bring your existing running shoes.

How can it help me?

Gait analysis ensures you get the right shoes for your running style to help avoid aches, pains and injuries.

How long do I have to run for?

Long enough for us to get the most accurate reading possible. However, you choose the pace, so is suitable for all fitness levels.

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